Trying to locate Rose Montiel

Rose's parents were from Gibraltar. My father, Bob Miller worked with Rose for many years. I need to urgently contact Rose and have no contact information so any help would be greatly appreciated. Rose worked for D.D. Lamson in Gosport, Hants, UK along with my father. I believe her full name is Rose Marie Montiel. The only thing I can find about Rose online is in this BBC link...

My mother and father, who were 15 at the time, were evacuated from Gibraltar and were brought to London where they spent four years working and then were transferred to Scotland for the final six months of their stay. When they were told to leave Gibraltar, they had to spend four months in Agadir waiting for the convoy of ships that took 17 days to bring them to the UK.
Not a lot is said about these brave women and children the majority of whom lived in the London area taking over from the English people who were evacuated to "safer" places.
Being very proud of being British, there were few complaints at the hardship they endured.
Rose Montiel, Gosport, Hampshire, UK

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