Good salary in Brussels

Is 45k annual gross a good salary for a 10 years experienced IT professional?
Is it enough for a single person live comfortably in Brussels?

You can live with that a standard life in Brussels as single but if you are coming from abroad with a responsibility to maintain family back in home country then no.

This might help: fgov salary stats

Honestly, 45K is too low for 10 years IT professional. In Belgium, there are (at the minimum) 13.92 salaries per year. 45/13.92 = 3.250 EUR gross salary per month, which will give a net around 2.000 EUR. As a post mentioned it before, it is enough to live a standard life for a single person, but surely not a luxury life...

Thanks! Is it low even if from the 10 years of experience you have just 2 years of experience in the future position? Also considering that it's a start up and not a big company?

A start-up should pay you even more because of the risk you are taking by embarking in an career path that may be very short if the start up does not make it. 45k is very low for the IT sector and definitely if you have 10 years of experience.

According to this, the median annual gross salary in brussels for a 'senior software engineer' is about 43k. I assume that excludes bonuses and benefits. … d-Brussels

(I dont think she specified her job title so its just an example)

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