US Health insurance & the Brazilian system

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I have really basic American health insurance that I pay for out of pocket. I have it, primarily to avoid being taxed at the end of the year for not being insured & for any possible  medical emergency. I do not really understand how the health system works in brazil, what services I have access to or the cost.

Here are my questions:

1. At what point am I not legally obligated to have America health insurance as a person living/studying  abroad?

2.  What health insurances have you used that you have found the most cost effective and helpful?

3. What experience do you have receiving care from the Brazilian health system? How did you pay? Was it costly?


1. I don't have to worry about this because my retirement benefits cover me in America.

2. UniMed tô absolutely amazing here. The cost are based off age and I bet you will get a resonable rate.

3. We have had great experience here and I would say it comparable to American healthcare and possibly better. I have never sat in a waiting room and the care has been excellent for all family members.

To answer your first question, under the rules of ACA if you are out of the USA for more than 330 days you are exempt from the requirement. I have medical coverage under my wife's work. There is SUS available in Brazil. It is universal healthcare and it is free. It is good in some places and bad in others.


I have UNIMED. I´ve never been sick of all the years I´ve been in Brazil so I can´t tell you
how good and efficient their system is. But my friends tell me it´s the best private insurance. If you´re in your 20s I´d say you´re still invincible so SUS, their public free
health care should suit you unless you suffer a severe trauma where you need extensive
ICU management...


Thank you for your advice.

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