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Hi there, I have a debit visa card from a vietnamese bank. I am leaving vietnam shortly and am wondering if I can use this card out of the country.  Would it be safer to just take the dong in the account, change to US $ and then change to  y own currency later.
I can't get proper in for from the bank and I am just a wee bit worried.
Thank you for your help.


If your caras the visa symbol or other symbols that are relevant to the countries you will visit then the card will work OK

Hello Jacira,

If the money in your bank is from your legally sourced income in Vietnam, you better choose the following options.
- wire-transfer as much as you can to your home bank before you leave VN
- carry cash USD out of VN with you

If you carry cash, keep a bank statement, copy of WP and your pay-slips ready at hand, just in case the customs asks you any question at the airport.
You can carry up to $5k without declaration.
For any amount exceeding  $5k you should declare it and hence, may be asked to show proof of your legitimate income in VN.

A "visa" debit card can be used outside of Vietnam.
In the past I did it a few times with my Vietcombank card, but it's better to use it only for online and/or POS payments.
If you withdraw cash in a foreign country with a VN Bank Visa Card, the bank will charge you a lot of money for that.

I assume, you have no intention to return to VN in near future.
If so, better get your money out of VN before/when you leave the country.

Hope this info helps!  :cheers:

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