Ban on Profession change in Saudi Arabia

Dear Friendz,

Any one can advise me whats going on about profession change in Saudi Arabia. Is it banned temporally or permanent?Anyone has exact news from any authorized authority like Ministry of Labor or MOI?Are they declared it earlier or a sudden action from govt? What we can do if the news is correct?How it will effect me as I am Working as a normal laborer(iqama) and wants to change my profession to marketing specialist? Expecting an immediate reply


Personally, I couldn't find a reliable source to say whether they stopped profession change service is temporary or permanent. Hypothetically speaking, It has to be temporarily (fingers crossed).

Have a look at this article

Nobody knows what is going on, i called MOL they said it has been stopped and you have to wait for the next announcement from the Govt.

Today I have submitted my all documents to HR dept.But they didn't accept it.Even they dont know whats happening there.Now its banned unconditionally.So If any one get news update plz share here.

Dear Shakir,

This is temporary .It will open once government achieve it's target  to minimize illegal immigrants with Home professions i.e. (Home driver,Home worker)

My profession is labour. I want to change my profession to restaurant supervisor or waiter. I am oresently working in a restaurant and want to change my prifession for family visit visa.
Please rply me im waiting for your helo

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