Sorry to post here but looked everywhere online and in shops and I can't find gravy granules or stock cubes anywhere. (or certainly nothing that I recognize as gravy).

If there is anyone in the know of where I can find some i'd be very grateful, planning on making some nice home comfort sausage and mash tonight!

If you can help thanks!

Try Annam Gourmet store.
- 16 Hai Ba Trung street, D1
- Basement of Takashimaya (Saigon Center)
65 Le loi street, D1.
- They also have one store in D7.

Else, try MM Mega Market in D2.

Are these the ones you are looking for?
- Bột Nêm Knorr Vị Thịt Gà
- Bột nêm dạng thanh Knorr vị bò

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