Hi, l have a 15 year old son currently attending a Spanish schooli in Albox, he's doing great and loves it, l also have a daughter who is 11 years old and has now attended 2 Spanish schools with a real struggle, now to the point she has refused to go back, l am now stumped as to what to do, her Spanish is very little and attending a international school is not possible due to finances, my only option, reluctantly is to homeschool, with the idea of her learning and practising as much Spanish in the next 6 months with the view of her then returning to Spanish school feeling a bit more confident with the language. I would really love to hear from anyone who has been through a similar situation, l know the legalities of homeschooling are somewhat grey and lm not even sure who l would need to inform as to the fact we are homeschooling. If anybody has any advice it would be very much appreciated. Many thanks Kirstie x

Kirstie , homeschooling is neither prohibited or legal, as you may already know.  However, I'd say that if you're reluctant to homeschool, then you probably shouldn't as you may not be prepared and equipped to make it work successfully.  It takes commitment and self-discipline, among other traits.  I speak from experience.

Why don't you look into some intensive Spanish courses for her to help her accommodate.  Is Spanish the only reason for her struggles?  Have you discussed anything with the school?

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Thankyou so much for your help, l think your right, is there any intensive Spanish courses you could recommend and l know the online homeschooling programme we were looking at did provide a year 9 Spanish course, do you think that this would be a good option, sorry to pick your brains but you really have been so helpful.

Many thanks


Sorry I cannot recommend any Spanish courses, as I don't speak Spanish myself nor live in Spain :)

As for the homeschooling program, well it's a decision only you can make.  Each family and child is unique, so there is no universal answer on whether or not homeschooling is the best approach.  You have to consider whether or not you and your daughter are willing to make the commitment and take on the responsibility of self-led education.  Even if you have a provided curriculum and materials, you and your daughter must have the discipline to adhere to it and get the work done.  Also, you'll probably need to find other activities for her (sports, personal interests) so that she can explore other things with her peers and have enough of time to socialize.  She'll need some local friends to help her exercise and expand her Spanish.  Time management and organization are key traits here :)

Hope this helps

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