moving to malta

Hi all Malatakaners, from South Africa.

We are moving to Malta within the next few weeks, just waiting for work permit and then long stay Visa.

Looks like we will be in Malta first week of Jan 2018.

I will be working as a Construction Project Manager.

We are looking for a two bedroom Apartment for around 600 Euro.
Any suugestions, which areas in Malta we should look at.

See there are a few units in St Paul's ?

Looking forward in seeing you guys in Malta

We must also buy a second hand car in Malta.
Can I register car in my name ,once we buy one cash, as non Maltese .

I'm not super familiar with prices in that area so take this with a grain of salt as I don't say this with any degree of confidence: 2 bedroom units in St Pauls might be a little difficult, although should be possible. You should maybe consider increasing your rental budget to 800-900, obviously depending on your financial situation.

In terms of a car, you will have no problem buying one, however no insurance broker will insure you without a EU license. You will have to get a EU license before you buy a car. If you are thinking about driving around Malta without insurance: Don't.

Good luck!

Actually, most insurance brokers will take south african licences BUT for 1 year only.  Gives you chance to convert which you can only do after 6 months of being here.

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