Family Visa

Hello Friends Im Haizel From Munich Germany, My husband has applied for a family Visa in Manila German Embassy last October 26,2017 and my daughter was last october 12, 2017. I have just a few questions and i hope you can help me with this :) How long will it take to process a family union visa? Thank you

The only ones who can really know this answer is the embassy - or more likely the consulate. Why apply for something and not ask how long it takes?!

If you and your family members fulfill the requirements (i.e. sufficient finances, accommodation, health insurance and German language skills), the visa application is submitted to the foreigner authority (Auslaenderamt) of your home town (Munich) and processed there. Depending on how much other work they have, this can take several months (3 - 6 months is common).
Since the embassy is not the processing authority, they won't be able to tell you. But you could try to contact your local foreigner authority.

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