Looking for a reputable trustworthy foreign teacher agent

Good day,
I've been living and working as a early years teacher in Phnom Penh for two years. Unfortunately my 'Agent' has not be forthright and I am working at a terrible school now for two months. I am going home to South Africa until the 15th January and have all qualifications and documents. I am looking for a trustworthy agent to assist me find a good school who looks after their teachers in all ways and will assist me  to come back to a new better and happy employment. I leave on the 15th December with a return ticket and lease agreement and all my belongings will be here, I will definitely be returning. Any advice or contacts would be appreciated.

Hello Genwat.

You might have more success if you post this in the jobs section, teaching in Phnom Penh.

Good luck.

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Thanks Joe :) . Wasnt sure where to post it but will post in Job section.
Appreciate your help.
Best regards
Gen :)

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