Visa Process and Moving To China

Can I get advice on the overall process on moving to China? 'm planning to come to teach english and would love some personal experience advice on how to make the move. Any and all stories would be greatly appreciated!

Hi, i lived for 3 years in China with business multienter visa. To get your Business Visa (BV) first time will take time and money. I will explain you step by step the process of obtaining a BV.
You fly from hometown to China
Settle up ur place for living, hotel or an apartment
Find a job
Go to local Head Department of Police  migration department in return you get list of things to be applied
That list includes many procedures which you would need to go through. First of all is getting many docs through police departments, from your living area, living city, from the area where is work located.
You also would need to go through medical checking.
Also would need permit from Ministry of labor.
When you get your work permission from ministry of labor and after getting all the docs from police departments and medical checking, when everything will be done you can apply to head of police department of city for a BV.
To get all the docs from the list you may spent about 1,5 month. After applying for a BV you would need to wait for about 3 weeks. Finally when you get your BV it will be a sticker on your passport which will not give you permission to work. To get permission to work and be eligible you need to fly back home and give your passport to the Embassy of China in your country. After 2 weeks you will get your BV. Total time to get BV is about 2 motnh.
After getting it on your passport next time it will be easier and cheaper if you prolong it by staying in China. Next time you don’t need to fly back home but all the procedures will be the same.

Good luck everyone! Sorry for any mistypes.

The process is pretty straightforward...

Prep - Make sure that you have the necessary background
You NEED to have a 4 year college degree. You NEED a TSOL or ESL certificate to teach. You also NEED a minimum of two years teaching experience.

First step - Find a Company to work for

You go get a visitor visa in your home country.  Get a plane ticket.  Come to China and go school to school and interview.  If you give yourself a week, you should be able to interview at around 20 schools easy, and get maybe 15 offers.  Then sign a contract with one of them.  They will tell you what to do next.

Second Step - Get the working visa
You will need to take the school paperwork to the Chinese embassy in your home nation. They will run a criminal check on you and process your z-visa.  They will cancel your visitor visa and give you a z-visa instead. Once you have the visa, you can come to China and work.

It's all pretty easy.

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