Dental treatments in dental student clinic

Hi, I am a dental student from Mahsa University (Bandar saujana putra campus)

If you are looking for an affordable dental treatments, you give a try to dental clinic in dental schools. Treatments are provided by dental students under strict supervision of professional dental specialist.

The students were trained in stimulation clinics and they must pass the competency test before they are allowed to treat real patients.

If you have any questions, do comment below  for more info. 😊

Thanks for the offer, but no thanks.

Even a supposedly reputable dental surgery I attended in Bangsar with a fancy western style name now scares me. And I can safely say that I had the single most painful experience of my life (and I am old) at their clinic that left me jumping out of the dental chair and running around the clinic in agony. They even took out a wisdom tooth that because it had a tiny hole that wasn't infected and they hacked away at the bone for about 20 minutes because it wouldn't come out. Eventually it was removed with bone pieces fused all around it. And that was much less painful than the root canal where they couldn't kill the nerve and left me almost screaming and crying.

I wouldn't want to be a guinea pig for dental students. No thanks.

Hi, thanks for sharing your experience.

I am sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with the dentist. I will bear that in mind and try my best to make sure that my patients do not experience such situation. 😊

I am sorry to say that I have found the standard of dentistry low in Malaysia.

Naturally I won't mention the name of the dentist or the surgery, suffice to say it was a Datuk who did it to me. I thought that with such a fancy name and such a large surgery in Bangsar that it would be good. My normal dentist practices at Gleneagles Hospital and has a practice on Tengkat Tong Shin, but he doesn't do root canal.

Now I live in Indonesia and I must say that the standard is actually surprisingly good.

I've actually have been impressed with the quality of most dentists. I've neen to 5 diffetent dentists over the last 20 years and only one mediocre experence. For the most part on par with what the US, and even better in terms of salvaging questionable teeth. My sister is coming to Malaysia next week just for dental work.

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