residency in belgium-brussels

My name is Srahneh Adam, i'm from Israel and i'm 5th year studying General medicine in Romania.
I'd like to ask you some questions about medical residency in Belgium,and i wish you could help me .
1-For surgery  how long is the residency?
2-should I apply to the university or hospital for medical residency?
3-which level of  french  language I need to know?B2-c2?
4-what are the requirements? as i am ready to fulfill any.
5- How hard is it to get into the system as non-eu citizen with an EU medical diploma.? Will I be under examination to be accepted? If yes, what kind of examination? And from which subjects of medicine if I apply for surgery? And after my graduation next year, can i immediately put in for the residency or do they require any level of experience?
6- are they any fees to pay for resident students? If yes, how much are these? And do i get paid in the course of doing my residency?and how much are the salaries for foreign students (non European students)?
7-what are my chances as a medical student(graduate)non european citizen, and graduated  from Romania (UE country)?
8-are there any benefits,differences if i get the Roamnian citizenship, and try as a european citizen?

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