Areas to Live in Bahrain

I have just arrived in Bahrain from the U.K. to start a new job.
I am here unaccompanied and am looking for a two (1 double + 1 twin) or three bedroom apartment, max. 800 BD. My wife and teenage sons will visit periodically, hence the apartment size required.
I have looked at places on Amwaj Islands today with an agent which look ideal - places I can run, work out, eat out etc.
Lots of choices and new apartment blocks.
Working in the Shipyard and therefore convenient for my work.
Any other places people would recommend over Amwaj Islands or even reasons NOT to live there.
All feedback appreciated.


Have a look on Bahrain property world, there is an expat section with a page about residential areas, it will give some good info. Not sure if I can post a link here. Otherwise Google 'bahrain best residential areas' and you will find it.

I think BD800 would get you a 3 bedroom apartment but I don't think in Amwaj.

Good luck!

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