Local Guide with sound knowledge of local laws needed.


I am an Indian citizen (Indian passport holder) and I am planning on traveling to Serbia soon as a tourist. If anyone can provide me with any information about safe, efficient and reliable means of transport, accommodation, etc. and what’re the best places known for natural beauty in the region. Also, what is the living cost per day on an average (assuming someone who is sober and likes to be a commoner as in having a decent living standard, nothing too extravagant/luxurious nor deprived of everything)

Apart from all the things mentioned above, I would really appreciate it if someone could give me information on my possibilities of traveling around the neighboring countries in the region for leisure or more like admiring nature, without having to go through the tedious visa application process for each country separately. Let me remind you, I am an Indian passport holder, so, legally I can’t visit/transit the neighboring nations. I have come across multiple forums where people have warned everyone to be careful especially if they want to travel to Pristina. Since, India and Serbia (as read on multiple forums) don’t recognize Kosovo as an independent nation, is it permissible and safe for an Indian to travel to that region? If yes, is a visa required to go there from Serbia as an Indian (Tourist, not resident). And are there any shortcuts avoiding the whole entry/exit stamps on my passport by Kosovo border immigration? If anyone has any information on this, it’ll be a great help.


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