Wondering what is like to have genuine friends,to talk to,laugh with,whether on silly issues,talk about real issues without judgement,talk of business stuff and make life worthwhile,coz I'm pretty bored . somebody out there appetizers my life.

it all hard to get one genuine friend. But you can always make one for your selft.
That is you choose a friend and let the friend cleary know your like and dislikes.
Wishing u well as you search. :heart:

Thanks mbae,i appreciate it,coz it has not been bread and butter,guess I need to change also my lifestyle,unwind a little ,😁shake of some dust ,.

wondering if you git that friend:)...

Dear Meb,

It is possible to make such friends in Kenya, although you have to be discerning and get the Chemistry, or at least keep in touch which is often lacking in Kenya.

Well, let me know, as I am looking for such friendship too, in Kenya.

Andya Otienoh

You can make any kind of friend you want. All you need is opportunity, time and patience because friendship is doesn't fall from the sky :)

You're welcome if you wanna be my friend.... but you have to have at least some taste in music *wink

Wishing u all well.

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