Questions about PR of Australia coming from India

Hi All

Trust you are all doing well and in good health?

Lately I have been keen on moving to Australia permanently.
I am a 31 year old married guy residing in India currently and was checking out on my eligibility for Australian PR. I am a software professional having 4 years work experience

Apart from checking out the ACS site (for documentation) and the Australia border site for Visa related stuff, just had a few general enquiries.

1. My wife also has the same Job code as i do (checked on the site) , she is a systems analyst. Now will she also need her ACS done, so that we can apply for the 5 additional points when I apply for PR?

2. Do parents also get PR (in my case they are dependents). I assume a NO as a response to this. However, just wanted to know that can they be invited to stay permanently? Are there any medical insurances that can be done for them (if they are on an invitation VISA). Basically I am keen to understand their VISA and medical insurance status

3. At a high level , could you please list down the points that we get for applying PR. Although I checked this on site but just want to be sure -
Like how many points for
Education / Work Ex / Partner Skills / PTE or IELTS / Age etc.

I have not worked in Australia previously.

4. I have checked documentation for Australia PR on the site and it looks fine. For some employees who are not willing to give the work experience summary in the format ACS demands, i am making affidavits done.

But just wanted to check,what are the documents that are needed after the invitation is sent to us for applying PR (This is post applying for PR)

5. Just wanted to check on Birth certificate requirement -my wife does not seem to have one and we are no longer sure how to attain one for her. Any alternatives?

6. Finally wanted to check - do we have to mandatorily move immediately post getting PR?

I would like to thank you in advance for patiently going through these questions and answering them


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