Cost of living and taxes related to living

Ciao people !
I am a disabled person who have been living in a nursing home for almost an year ,I've recently rented an apartment through the friend it is located in pavia I'm not sure but the pricing seems a little doubtful to me as I've never rented a property in pavia before everyone does tell me that pavia is expensive but I recently had a conversation with someone who has been living here for almost 10 years and when I disclosed him my rent he was like you live bit far and the rent in there places are not that much and nowmiin doubt that I'm paying my land lady the right bill or she is making a fool out of me.

Can someone enlighten me what is condominium charges & what are the charges that we have to pay twice a year or once a year by the end is it the same as TAR TAX and if so how much tax is applied for individual or two does the condominium charges are fixed or the are based on how many people living in the house .

Basically it's sharing accommodation with a family the house is partitioned as 2 so we have 1 room a small sitting a kitchen toilet and a small garden in the front and back .
I'm sorry for not disclosing the amount on how much I'm paying her as I don't want to look idiot but by the sound of it can any one date it what should be the pricing in pavia of such an apartment and what all taxes apply to me and if so how much I the tax person.

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