We are an expat couple living in the Netherlands but pursuing surrogacy in Canada. Any other expat living in the Netherlands in the same situation that would like to share their experience (i.e get BSN when we will come back, ...) ?


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This link will take you to the Dutch Government website on the matter and may help you.

Hope this helps.

Hi, everyone)

Currently we are leaving in the USA due to husband`s work. Well, we are dealing with infertility long 4 years. My husband and I consulted with a handful number of doctors but everyone said that we need surrogacy. I know that commercial surrogacy is legal in some American states. But we haven`t got enough money for it. Thus we decided that it would visit Ukraine for surrogacy reason. I emailed to the Ukrainian biotexcom clinic. I read that it is the popular place among surrogacy clients. But I was respond by the email that surrogacy isn`t possible so far. Well, we have to make more researches for surrogacy.

And we don’t know where it will be safe. Greece and Georgia are open for surrogacy. But we haven`t found any feedback according to some clinics(

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