First Trip to the US for my sweet Baiano

My boyfriend is visiting the US for the first time in January visa. This is the same boyfriend I have asked about for marriage advice and permanent visa for me on this forum. Our goal is to travel back and forth next year between Brasil and the IS on our tourist visas and extend where we can to stay together the whole year.

I understand the process for me visiting Brazil is unlimited and I can request an extension when I want to stay over 90 days. What about my boyfriend coming to the US? How does extensions work when he wants one and are his trips to the US unlimited entree too? Thanks guys!


I believe it is up to 90 days at a time. I don't think you can extend it.  he gets 180 days per year.


90 days at a time, 180 a year

The 10yr tourist visa for your boyfriend is multiple entry but only amounts to 180 days
per year total.


On the second thought, since you live in San Anton, he can maybe exit after 90 days to
Mexico for a day and re-enter for another 90days. Please research if there´s a significant
gap (no. of days) before he can enter back to the US...


you might do the marriage while you are there. Then return to Brazil and get your permanency. As long he doesn't apply for a green card right away.


That is actually a good idea. I hadn’t thought about that.

I may have to look at this one because of what we are trying to do. As far as staying together this year. I should be able to find this on the US Consulate website né?

Am I understanding this that he can only stay in the US with multiple entries but the days cannot extend more than 180 total days?


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