Bank Account and Loan

Hi Folks,

I would be moving to Bahrain by Monday.

I wish to know which bank is best to be used in Bahrain in respect of services.

I would also like to take a loan, can some one share which bank account would be good for a expat and can offer quickly.

I had HSBC account in Oman will that help me if i open in Bahrain HSBC to get loan quickly.

Appreciate your inputs.



I suggest you get down to Bahrain first, settle down a bit then think about all this. Your colleagues should be able to give ample information. 


Thank you mate for the advice, i would reach today.
Hope to see you soon ..

I think banks here offer more or less same services at similar rates.
I'd personally recommend BBK, NBB or Ahlia Bank, but just because I see quite a lot of their atms around.

Welcome to Bahrain, I think No bank will give you a loan before completing 3 months as they will need minimum 3 months salary certificate and/or 3 months bank statement.

I will highly advise you to avoid loan things but if this is really your need, then I will advise you to visit all banks personally whenever you get time and ask the details and don't mention to them that you are comparing with different banks who ever will get you better interest rates you will final with that bank. Mostly the banks have their interest rates fixed, but in this case they will always offer you alternatives and do bargain.

All the best for you stay in Bahrain, I am also new to Bahrain.


Thank you guys for your advice(s).

I use BBK. They are excellent, very fast at setting up an account. You will need your CPR before you can set one up though (this goes for every provider). I’d definitely not recommend HSBC. In my experience they are awful, plus you can’t use BFC facilities with hsbc. So, if you want to send money home you have to do it in cash rather than online...1st world problem I know, but a problem none the less.

you will required to have a CPR Which is an local ID Card to open an account , I strongly Recommend BBK , Customer Service is quick and very friendly comparing to few others .

I recommend you keep yourself away from loans , otherwise u will fall in Debt .

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