Restoring order on Kuwait roads

I am so looking forward to see this law properly implemented. I have a trace of hope as they mention camera systems getting installed in patrol cars. Fingers crossed, as the jungle mentality on the roads is my top issue in Kuwait by far.

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 8: Acting Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs at the Interior Ministry, Major-General Fahd Al-Shuwea has issued instructions to all traffic departments to apply Article 207 of the traffic law in the strictest sense, reports Al- Anba daily.

According to the directives, the impoundment of vehicles will not be limited to seat belt, jumping the red traffic light or talking on the cell phone, but all violations contained in Article 207 will be applicable.

In the meantime, the traffic sector has started mounting cameras in all traffic patrols to document the conversation between the patrolman and the violator of the traffic law.

According to a security source, this technology has been used to protect the rights of the policemen and the motorists. Any complaint received shall be investigated based on the recording of the conversation. The source said vehicles will be impounded for two months effective from Wednesday, Nov 8, if any of the following violations are committed; however, some sources said it will come into effect after publication in the official gazette Kuwait Al-Yawm:

1 — Driving a vehicle without the numbers plates (back and front) or if the plate is unreadable using plates other than those issued by the General Traffic Department.

2 — Driving vehicles after withdrawing its registration or plates.

3 — Driving a vehicle without registration or with expired insurance.

4 — Driving without obtaining a license or if the licence is withdrawn, or if the license is specified for other vehicles.

5 — Reckless driving that endangers the life of the driver, passenger or others.

6 — Driving without brakes or faulty brakes.

7 — Racing without permission or violating the permission

8 — Committing immoral act inside the car

9 — Deliberately blocking traffic

10 — Exceeding the speed limit (maximum 30 kms)

11 — Skipping the red traffic light

12 — Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or narcotics

13 — Using vehicles for other than the specified purposes

14 — Parking in ‘No Parking’ zones, blocking other vehicles, parking on pavements.

15 — Driving in opposite direction

16 — Driving a vehicle that is ‘smoking’ or carrying other materials that may negatively affect the road or safety of traffic users or damage their cars or causing disturbing sounds.

Much needed !!

man sry for the bad news but i font think this will happen any time soon

Yes, this will be enforced at the same intensity, rigour, and vigilance as the law that says that you cannot drive and use a mobile phone...and running red lights.
Oh, one other simple thing that no one has asked: WHO is going to enforce these laws?

I am counting on the budget deficit forcing them to start taking fine collecting as a welcome source of income. Looking at the driving habits, these could be even more plentiful than oil!  :D

Ribosom, how right you are!
and one simple solution - a fleet of police cars, unmarked or not, need to do a simple drive, say from Mahboula, to Salmiya, like I do, daily and and start booking everyone that is on their mobile phone, or how about driving at 140kph on the hard shoulder, and zig zagging all the way at crazy speeds while everyone else is cruising at 100kph at 6am.   This very morning, and this very afternoon,  I lost count of both laws being broken outright.
But risking other's lives is not an immoral act anymore, maybe.

To have change, you need someone to enforce it, and a serious deterrant - both do not exist in Kuwait.

Truth to be told, there has been progress. It is now rare to see someone taking a parking spot for a disabled people. And I do see more traffic patrol cars actively pulling people over rather than sitting under the overpass. Hopefully we will see at least some improvement in a few months time.

I can just confirm what you have been observing, it is ridiculous.

Well, it didn't last long, did it? :) … suspended/

I love how everyone is quick to complain about "negative consequences" of the measures, but it appears it doesn't cross anyone's mind to GET OFF THE F* PHONE while driving.

Thanks for the the post Rib - and hence my post dated 12th November :) !! Things will never change in this country.

You gotta love this quote -

' A citizen documented the damages that the impounding procedures caused to his luxury car.'..

Well, if he wants his luxury car, he should respect others on the road, but nope.. it will never happen. No problem if he causes countless other accidents while he is phoning/speeding at 130 kph behind other cars with barely 1 m distance between himself the the one in front of him, because yes, he has a luxury car and he has a right to do what he wants,  and he knows no one is going to stop him.

:) :)

Quite a funny post...

I don’t think anyone actually expected anything would change…

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