Student pass for 4 year old kid

Hi i am currently pursuing postgraduate diploma in nus under student pass. I have been applied student pass for my son. But it got rejected twice by ICA. The appeal also been rejected. He is a small kid who cant live without his mother. My husband also working here for past 5 years in s pass. But his salary cant afford us here. Can anyone help me if there is any possible way to keep my son over herel

Sorry to know about your case but there is nothing you can do here. Rules are pretty straight forward and bound to follow. Your husband is the only person who can apply DP for your kid, if he is not eligible then there is no way your child can get DP (only child can visit under tourist visa which can be extended maximum to 90 days). Once the kid grown up, kid can apply student visa (check more details in the website). Good luck

Thank u

Additional info: As your child below 19yrs old, he is eligible to apply student pass only if he has got a full time course in any of the approved private education organisation (PEO). You can get the list in ICA as well as MoM websites. Then, once you show the proof of admission letter along with other necessary documents of your kid. ICA will do processing his application which may take few weeks to as many as 3 months to approve. Once you get approval, you have to deposit a bond of $5000 with Govt (details can be seen in ICA website).

Try this out then. Good luck

Note: For a full time course (for a 4yrs plus kid Nursery 2 or K1) monthly fee may be more than $1000 (in average) in any approved school. So, think before you decide your next step.

Yeah sure. Thank u so much

Hi Surya, Can u tell me what are the required documents as you mentioned in the post.

You can check ICA website for necessary documents.

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