What is the law about the unpaid credit card with long overdue ? What is the legal position? Can the bank make case against you?

Please advice.... my friend was suffering and the bank harrasing him on this matter.

Yes the bank can make a case against him.
As he accrued the debt, under the terms and conditions of his credit card contract with the bank, he is obligated to repay the debt.

He could approach the bank and see if he can work out repayment of the debt.

Don't worry my friend I was have lage unpaid credit balance but I live from ksa with out any problem 1st I level reaentry then I back after two month then I live final exit with out any problem because they cover the balance by insurance don't worry

The bank isn't harassing your friend, they're trying to recover their money from someone who won't pay back money lent in good faith.
I'm aware, if found while trying to run away from Saudi without paying back the money, he can be stopped at the airport.

Tell him to worry a lot.

They naver stop him in the airport they don't have any fors to stop any one because this is not only me I now so many friends they are travel with out any problems and me I live KSA last two mont before with out clear my outstanding

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