In need of a chinese (mandarin) tutor

Hi, hello everyone

Is there anyone in this forum who can speak fluent mandarin and wants to teach me the basic things of your beautiful language over some coffees on the weekends?
I need to know the basics, where do i start, how do i start, et cetera before trying to learn it by myself. :proud 

I am really interested in learning chinese/mandarin but a student like me is too poor to actually sign up for a class, so if you're kind enough to give me a few hours of your time, that would be much appreciated.

Thank you everyone.

*I can help you with bahasa Indonesia if you need it, so we can do this cool thing called cross culture communication or whatever its called:)) :)  :gloria  :thanks:

Hi hellokaia,

Thank you for dropping your advert under the Classes in Jakarta section of the website. I hope you find a tutor very soon.

All the best


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