Nursery School for 2-year-old in Osaka

My family and I are relocating from Australia to Osaka in January 2018 for my husband's work (airline captain). We are now going through the process of finding an international/English-based nursery school for our 2-year-old daughter. We are looking at a couple but have read some awful reviews on other forums, so I'm understandably a little nervous and need some advice. Ideally we would be looking at anywhere from Namba to Kansai International Airport area (maybe Sakai?) and preferably on the train-line. We are heading up to Osaka for a couple of weeks in December, so hoping to line up a few interviews/visits to schools for then.

Any help to point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated :) particularly if you can share your experience.

Best regards,
Steph and family.

No idea about Japan, but my kids began Montessori School at age 2 1/2 years (English speaking) in Malaysia. If I were in Japan I'd also be thinking of Montessori. In Malaysia we saw many nursery/daycare centres but found them to be scary with lots of kids suffering with colds and also being left unattended, and the facilities a bit unhygienic which is a big reason we chose Montessori. Hopefully Japan is better.

Hi! Thank you for your advice- we've actually found a Montessori school in Osaka that we are going to see next month :) .....I gotta say, it looks amazing and the director seems really passionate about the program, kids look happy etc. Fingers crossed we can get our little girl in there :) x

How did the move go??? We're looking at moving from Canberra with a 2.5 year old and 1 year old. They attend Montessori here & we love it! I won't be working but believe a few days a week socialising is soooo important!
How did rest of move go?

Yes, we ended up going with Osaka Montessori International School :) the school is fantastic! Our 3-year-old has really taken to the program. The teachers are friendly, caring and extremely patient and committed to the Montessori practices. The school community is really welcoming. There is a great mix of expats as well as Japanese families. Honestly, I can't rave enough about the school! :)
The move went fairly smoothly, my husband relocated a couple of months before my daughter and I for his work, so he was able to get the basics set up in our apartment. We also did a quick 1-week recon mission prior to the move to look at schools and apartments which helped get our bearings.
Good luck with your move! Our kids are similar ages, so let me know if you ever want to catch up after you've settled in :)

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