Nursery School for 2-year-old in Osaka

My family and I are relocating from Australia to Osaka in January 2018 for my husband's work (airline captain). We are now going through the process of finding an international/English-based nursery school for our 2-year-old daughter. We are looking at a couple but have read some awful reviews on other forums, so I'm understandably a little nervous and need some advice. Ideally we would be looking at anywhere from Namba to Kansai International Airport area (maybe Sakai?) and preferably on the train-line. We are heading up to Osaka for a couple of weeks in December, so hoping to line up a few interviews/visits to schools for then.

Any help to point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated :) particularly if you can share your experience.

Best regards,
Steph and family.

No idea about Japan, but my kids began Montessori School at age 2 1/2 years (English speaking) in Malaysia. If I were in Japan I'd also be thinking of Montessori. In Malaysia we saw many nursery/daycare centres but found them to be scary with lots of kids suffering with colds and also being left unattended, and the facilities a bit unhygienic which is a big reason we chose Montessori. Hopefully Japan is better.

Hi! Thank you for your advice- we've actually found a Montessori school in Osaka that we are going to see next month :) .....I gotta say, it looks amazing and the director seems really passionate about the program, kids look happy etc. Fingers crossed we can get our little girl in there :) x

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