Searching for Housing

Any agents out there willing to show us some properties?  We have someone to show us around in Ubud but also want to look at year-long rental options on the east side as well as maybe north of Echo Beach.  Looking for someone who could show us multiple properties in one day.


Fresh meat for greedy agents.

1 - NEVER accept any deal in US$ - Apart from being illegal every one I've ever seen was for fools with more money than brains.

2 - Don't use agents unless:
You have more money than brains
You are certified insane
You have absolutely no choice
Someone else is paying so you don't care

3 - Make sure you find out the real price before you believe anything an agent tells you.

There are lots of agents out there who want only to help a foreigner and are willing to give up their time free of charge or for just enough money to cover the fuel they use when they help you find a property - NOT!

Check the Bali Advertiser.


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