Tourist Visa for Egypt!

Hello everyone. I need your help with something and i suppose someone might have gone through this debacle him/her self.

Do i need a tourist visa to go to Egypt. I am a Pakistani with a valid Ksa Iqama. Kindly let me know if i can get visa on arrival in Egypt or i need it before hand?

Thank You

Yes you will need to have a prior visit visa. There are some mixed reviews about visa on arrival for GCC EXPATS IQAMA holders.

The problem arises if you will not be allowed to board the plane without the stamped visa. If they let you fly, probably you can get visa on arrival. Check with the airline also.

To be on the safer side, get the tourist visa stamped.


Thanks.  :)

I assume you need to get it in advance, plus it could save you the time staying in visa on arrival line as many will be taking that action you are planning to do.

Best to apply and have it ready on passport as Egypt autorities are doing security check up on visa applicants

Hello Abdu,

I'd like to know how you've dealt with your Egyptian visa. Have you applied directly through consulate or through an agent? Processing time required..?

Much appreciated..

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