Do people use landlines in Singapore

Hi all,
I've almost secured a job in Singapore and probably moving in a couple of months.  I have a lot of questions but the first one is about phones.  I have a couple of good quality cordless phones that I may not need and want to offload them before I go.  But it is possible that I could use them in Singapore for a Voip service, in order to enable me to call Australia. 

Is this possible?  Do condos in Singapore even have outlets for phones?


In the first moment, I read "landmines" (we do not use those in Singapore) ...
Well, most apartments have a phone connection - and if not, Singapore Telekom will lay one for you as part of the setup process (which, I believe, costs a flat fee regardless of the effort needed).

Correct, each HDB (semi govt apartments) or Condo (private apartments) units have a cable connection point. Home phone (landline) - it’s monthly subscription comes free (no monthly fees and you can call local Singapore numbers unlimited) once you subscribed TV channels and wifi from a subscriber. You can bring your cordless phone, which will be connected to subscriber’s cable once you subscribed home phone. The technician from the subscriber’s office will visit your unit to do the basic connections.

Thanks guys for those answers.

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