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I am moving to Colombia in January, I am going to be entering on a tourist visa while I sort out my job and get a working visa. Do I need to show proof of an onward journey when entering on a tourist visa? What is the cheapest ticket to buy out of the country? I will be in Bucaramanga

Welcome Aussiechick! (a welcome addition indeed!) I love your adventurous spirit. There is a lengthy discussion on this topic on the expatexchange forum, and the consensus is that you do need to have a return or onward ticket (in case they ask) but there are several options to reduce or eliminate the cost of that. check it out.

The cheapest onward travel may be one of the following...

1. Roundtrip ticket by air.  In some cases, buying a roundtrip ticket (even if you don't plan to use the return portion by the indicated date) is no more expensive, or only slightly more expensive, than buying a one-way ticket.  A one-way ticket also invites more scrutiny by the authorities.

2.  Bus travel.  Check the following sites for possible online purchase of a one-way ticket between border cities .. or to a border city. and

  -- cccmedia near the Rumichaca border crossing between Ipiales, Colombia, and Tulcán, Ecuador


The discussion that Sunset Steve is referring to is:  Showing return ticket out of Colombia

In there you will see this web site FlyOnward mentioned where you can rent a plane ticket. I never tried it but it seems a good option!

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Fly Onward is widely reviewed on the Web as risky or scammy.

I suggest folks use one of the other methods until Fly Onward is better verified by actual satisfied users.


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I have flown in 5 times and only ad return tix  times. It has been easier to fly out when i need to to MIA and then figure things out. Pricing may be an issue depending wher you came from.

I live in Texas have a finca in La Ceja and an Apartment in Envigado. I come to Colombia on a tourist VISA every 2-3 months. My family who are Colombian Citizens come more often.  Never, have I had a return ticket to the US when I enter Colombia. The reason is that I am an employee of AA and simply book my own employee ticket. This being said, I have never been asked for whom I work (so they have no clue I am an airline employee) nor to see a return ticket. I am asked "when I plan to return". AA has many employees, with Tourist VISA's, who reside or have property in Colombia. Likewise, they also have no problem entering without a return ticket. SO: From my experience a return ticket IS NOT necessary. Giving a return date (which they document) IS Necessary. All this being said; I hope to have my Colombian Cedula (sp) in the near future and not have to worry about Tourist VISA requirements.

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