Dog Kennels in Copenhagen - Just Moved from the UK!

Hi there,

I've just moved from the UK to Copenhagen with my boyfriend and my staffordshire bull terrier Megan.

Not planning on going on holiday just yet, but the topic is something I'm worrying about and would like to get something sorted!

I was wondering if there were any dog boarding kennels, particularly in the north of the city? We are living in Osterbro.

I'd love for our dog to board in someone else's home, or to get a house sitter, but as she is a rescue dog she's extremely lively and she's very strong, so I feel it's best to have a professional lookin g after her. I've tried home boarding her back in the UK with our dog walker, but she just didn't settle in someone else's house and cried all night! Especially as she didn't get on with the other dogs in the house. So unfortunately I feel it's best for her to go in kennels when we want to go away! We found a great one in the UK where she was happy enough to go to for a week or ten days - hoping I can find one here!

Anybody have any suggestions?!



Hi Tallie,

When I read your post, I got quite frightened.

As the law is today: American Staffordshire bull terrier is of a prohibited race in Denmark, and the dog will be put to sleep immediately if anyone tells the police about its existence. Only if you have had it before 2010, 17th March, you'll be allowed to keep it, but then it has to wear a muzzle when outdoor.

English Staffordshire bull terrier has a different temper why this race is allowed.

But ........ the problem is that even if your dog is the English one, it is up to you to prove that it isn't the prohibited race, and you won't be able to do so as it is a rescue dog.

As late as this week, there have been two cases regarding this type of dogs. Two dogs had been interned for two-three years while their case went all the way to the Supreme Court which uphold the verdict which meant they should be put down immediately. … n-aflives/

Another case from this week. A family had bought a puppy months ago, and an anonymous person had alarmed the police. Two policemen rang on the door ten to seven in the morning to take the dog away. The family asked for permission to take their dog to their own vet and let him do it. It was granted, but the police insisted to go with them and stayed with them until the dog was put down. … -aflivet-2

A few months ago, an Italian man brought his dog with him on vacation. It came legally to Denmark via Kastrup airport, having the correct papers, but nobody told the owner that there was a ban on his kind of dog, and even if he promised to leave the country immediately, it wasn't enough as the law is clear and allows no dispensation. However, there was so much commotion about this unjus and unforeseen effect of the law, that the resort minister interfered so that the Italian man was allowed to take his dog out of the country again.

The parliament is expected to pass a bill before Christmas which will allow foreigners who inadvertently bring their illegal dogs to Denmark to take their dogs out of the country again. The amendment will be with retroactive effect. … el/3197041

As I see the case, you cannot have your dog with you as long as you are in this country.


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