Son transferring from my iqama to a company - help!


My son accepted a teaching job in September and although he has a CELTA teaching certificate he is still completing his BA. He was honest and upfront from the start and everything was great and has been going great too.

The company asked for 3 letters from my company to go ahead with the transfer and we gave those to them. Then they asked him to get his CELTA authenticated from the British Council which he has done. So all was going well.... Until today...

Today HR told him they need his high school certificates. He explained he was home schooled, passed his exams and is now doing his BA so he doesn't have his high school certificate. He does have a number of diplomas and certificates from UK universities but they are insisting he provided a high school certificate.

They have told him he has until the end of the month and they will have to cancel the contract as they won't be able to go ahead with the transfer unless he can provide the cert even though he has much higher certification than high school albeit less than a BA.
I've never come across this before and need help as to what to do.

Thank you in advance


Is your process of transferring your son from your name to son's company's name finished?
Can you please update us?
I am also going to start in this process. Don't know how profession will change?

Thank You
Looking forward for your reply.

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