Urgent! Looking for a flat in Toulouse

Hi there,
   I am moving to Toulouse on  15 November and urgently looking for a flat to share with someone or a studio flat!

Prefferable close to bustop or Tramstop with connection to the airport .

I am a flight Attendant and i am a non smoker , tidy and very quiet !

Landlords are quite picky with paperwork so you should try flat share before.

There's a lot of websites offering free ads like
https://www.lacartedescolocs.fr/colocat … s/toulouse
https://www.appartager.com/midi-pyrenee … n-toulouse
http://colocation-toulouse.net/annonces … ffres.html
https://www.leboncoin.fr/colocations/of … n=Toulouse

just to name a few. You should be able to post a message with Google Translate.

Don't forget that traffic jam is pretty heavy so you may consider cities like Blagnac or Colomiers

Thank you so much for anwsering me!  Well the thing is that i don't own a car so i will use the public transport! But anyhow thank you !

You will find network maps on the official website ("Tisséo")

Avoid neighborhoods like Le Mirail, les Izards  ;)

Welcome to Toulouse. I also suggest you live in Blagnac which is the airport town so that you are closer to work, less time in traffic. From Blagnac, you can take public transportation to downtown Toulouse.

Thank you very much your information! Really appreciate it !!
Yours sincerely,
Evangelia Neonaki

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