Traffic in Lebanon

Hello everyone,

Which city or area do you live in in Lebanon, and how do you find the traffic?

How long does it take to commute to work or run errands?

Is there a rush hour in your city? What times of the day would you recommend people to avoid driving if they can?

Are there any ways to avoid spending too much time in traffic in Lebanon?

What is parking availability and cost like?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Hello, since the Lebanese people like to drive fancy car, you can see that some families of 4 people can own about 5 or 6 cars, and since the only main highway in Lebanon that connects Tripoli to beirut is only 3 Lanes in most cities and the highway is located inside the city not like Europe, and you have these shops that are built not more than 3 meters far from it, so the highway looks like a small neighborhood road that needs to be expanded since 20 years, the traffic is always (except sunday noon) but the peak time is 7-8 in the morning and 5-7 at afternoon that's when you need about an hour to reach just 20km, in Lebanon the only transportation is by wheels car, bike, or bus. We don't have local flights it's a small country but neither we have train or ferry.
As for parking it depends on the location but private ones are the most expensive, can reach up to 10$ per day, but usually the local ones starting cost is 2$, the parking meters that were deployed recenty are the least expensive.

i live near Beirut the traffic is horrible,manly because there are no  regulations in driving ,roads are not maintained properly

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