Traffic in Guatemala

Hello everyone,

Which city or area do you live in in Guatemala, and how do you find the traffic?

How long does it take to commute to work or run errands?

Is there a rush hour in your city? What times of the day would you recommend people to avoid driving if they can?

Are there any ways to avoid spending too much time in traffic in Guatemala?

What is parking availability and cost like?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


I live in Guate City and traffic is horrendous. It can take over an hour to drive through 4 kilometers or less than 2 miles during peak hours. I live in zona 10 and can walk to most places, thank goodness, because I hate to drive in this traffic. Parking is bad too, unless you are a genius at parallel parking,so I always park in private parking lots with security. I work from home and can arrange my schedule to run errands any way I want, but if I had to drive every day to work, I think I'd have to get into yoga classes to deal with the stress.

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