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Am living in St. Petersburg Russia and would like to relocate to Mauritius to start up some trading business. Is it difficult to start up a trading business in Mauritius? What does it take to start up business over there

Hi!! Setting up and starting a new business is very easy in Mauritius. It would depend on what you want to trade. I am into retail e-commerce and can give you a detailed perspective about it. If you want to export/import stuff to/from other countries, that too is possible.



Depend on what type of trading your are implying...if you are talking about the general retail trading like importing, buying and selling of good, then that's how it works.

To start a business in Mauritius, first of all you will need an Occupation Permit as an Investor from the Board of Investment.

To set up shop, you will need a trade license which is delivered by a municipal council or district council depending on where you are located. An annual fee is paid.

Next you will have to incorporate a company and get your Business Registration Number (BRN)followed by a tax number from the Mauritius Revenue Authority, the tax regulatory body of Mauritius.
You will need your BRN and a Tax Account Number if you will be importing your goods yourself as a commercial importer.

Bear in mind that Trading shall not imply just opening a retail shop. If your business is in direct competition with local Small & Medium businesses, you might not get a residency permit on this basis. For instance if a foreigner wants to open a shop, he'll need to bring value-added concept, innovation or world-reputed brands / franchises etc.

Minimum investment will be USD100,000 to secure a residence permit (investor category Occupation Permit)

Which kind of business you want to run in Mauritius ?
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Hi Ritesh. Could you message me your contact details. I'd appreciate chatting with you. Thanks

depends how much u wanna invest and what u wanna as return from your investment


Hi Ritesh

What retail ecommerce are you involved with as I might have some products that fit?

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Not all retail businesses are accessible to foreigners as it can be tricky to get a residency permit on these. Be careful. check official documentation and contact authorities before putting your money at stake.

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