EID uae visa - lung scar

Hello all

I am in the process to get my working visa in Dubai
I made an x Ray and blood test.
Then I was asked to come back to a medical Center because of a scar in my lung due to pneumonia. The visit was done today
I read several forums and the usual procedure is to make 3 blood tests and then a TB committee will decide.
Here my situation is quite different:
Today During the discussion with the doctor in the medical centre, nothing was mentioned about the scar, he asked me usual questions about Long diseases and then said to me: thank you you will have a response next week
I told him I can give him certificates for my pneumonia and also my TB test which was negative. He simply asked the nurse to add those documents on my file and told me to wait for the Committee decision

I am bit surprised by this process as I was expecting a blood test to confirm the lack of an old or current tb.

Has anybody experienced the same situation ? I will have my decision next week. I feel really stressed for this

Many thanks

Hi Bale0211,

I think we have the same situation,  I am an expat in Dubai and this is my first time appyling for residence visa. They asked me to go in Muhaisnah clinic for follow up check up.
In 2014, while in my home country, I got a minimal lung fibrosis but negative in tb. I was cleared but I did brought the medical clearances here in Dubai. Now I'm nervous about the result of mine. I cannot wait for the answers. I would like to ask you about your result. Did they approved your residence visa or did you get your e id already?
I'm looking forward for your answer, it will be a big help for me seeking for answers.
Thank you in advance.


Hi, Bale0211,

Please give us some update what happened to you next. Thanks

Hi Clyde and Bale!

What was the result of your medical? Did you passed?

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