anyone who knows Linda Matikiti in Germany

Germany is a big place. Perhaps offer a lot more information about the person you are looking for, where she lives in Germany. Does she work.

Since all residents must be registered with the authorities, it is possible to find out where they live.
Contact the registration authority ("Einwohnermeldeamt") of the town where he/she lives or lived in the past! Knowing a past address or any other relevant personal details (e.g. date of birth) would also help. (And, of course, there is a fee to this service.)

she went to Germany in 2005

I Googled the name and found that there is someone with this name with a Facebook account. Also with the name Linda Matikiti Mutimhodho with a profile photo. The rest of the information is not public. Just google and find the FB accounts and try to contact these people to see if they are who you are looking for.

Thank you Tomin let me double check and see if she is the one am actually looking for

You folks do realize how creepy this all sounds, right?

what do you mean

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