Offer received from Automobile Group: Muscat

Good Morning..!

Can anyone suggest/help me to figure it out whether to accept offer or decline.


Basic Allowance    550
Utility Allowance     37
Special Allowance   20
Car Allowance        145 ( 95+50)*
Telephonic Allow      8

Total                         760     
95 will be deducted by employer upon obtaining Car under company scheme.

Other benefits:
1. Air passage for self & family
2. Fully furnished family accomodation
3. Free medical for self & family.
4. Driving licence reimbursement
5. One time kitchen reimbur 125.
6. Bed material 90 once in for year.

CA with 6 years of work exp staying in Mumbai and CTC is 19 lac p.a. Have One daughter of 3 yr and house wife. Should i go ahead and take the offer.

Please help on urgent basis.

@ Sumitran Sir, Please help.

Hi gauravjain,

There is no definitive 'Yes', or 'No' answer to your query.

It all depends on you and your family. How much you are willing to accept and how much you are willing to let go of.

This package would not allow you to lead a life of luxury for sure. Yet you would not be in want either. Ultimately, it is all a compromise, one way or another.

For someone with a professional qualification and work experience like you, the salary offered is way below what it should have been. However, given the market conditions and tough manpower regulations in place, it is not something which can be totally ignored either.

But be aware that if you accept the offer you would be stuck here, without any option to progress in your career or shift jobs or to increase your salary beyond marginally, even if at all.

On the whole, the package is very modest. And you have to decide whether you are willing and ready to make some serious adjustments.

To give you a better idea of what lies ahead, it would be worthwhile for you to take some time out to read the numerous other posts that can be found under the Cost of Living topic in the forum.

Thanks Sumitran for your valuable feedback.
What should be minimum take home salary in order to accept offer considering my present experience.

Hi gauravjain,

Companies usually make offers to prospective employees based on their wants, needs and budgets. Not based on what the candidate's demands are.

What the candidate feels as deserving is inconsequential really, from the employer's point of view.

If one candidate turns down the offer saying that the package is too low, there would be ten other candidates with equal qualifications and experience waiting to grab that same offer.

So the employer has nothing really to lose. Nor is there any reason for the employer to up his budget to accommodate that candidate who is demanding more.

Trust you got your answer.

With your Present experience, and the package you are working presently with, You should not accept anything lesss than 1500 OMR/-.. With a salary of 760/- OMR it is impossible to lead a luxurious life here in Muscat. The cost of living is bit high.

Hello Sir,

Received revised offer i.e 810 plus 2 bhk fully furnished accomodation plus other benefits. I am confused whether to accept or decline.

the salary is way too low for a person with this much experience. you should not accept any offer below 1200 omani rials especially if your a family man. i would suggest try for better offers in financial institutions. the salary range is never below 1500 omani rials.

I will suggest you to offer this offer if they are providing accommodation as cost of leaving is not that much high here in Oman. You can easily save at least 600 monthly it's equal to 100000 Indian rs. Also I hope company will give bonus as well as per company norms. First decide your target saving if it is 1 lac per month then it is best offer for you if you are expecting more than 1 lac Then leave it and continue with current job.


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