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i am buying a flat in gijon and need some information about the process and a lawyer to do it fo rme

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I am a Freelance Journalist. The information I post is from my research. I cannot re invent the wheel or make up new stories or facts.

I think that you will find a whole lot of good advice in this page. … -in-spain/
It is often said that Spanish do not use solicitors to purchase a property. However, speaking from experience as a non Spaniard I do recommend you obtain the services of one. Mine no longer has a practice. Do not use one recommended by the agent or the owner of teh property. Or anyone related to these two!

We were told the deposit was nonreturnable, is that true they kept £9,000 of my money

edpsych :

We were told the deposit was nonreturnable, is that true they kept £9,000 of my money

Only if you do not keep to the contract signed at the notary. when wanting to purchase a property.
However, if you mean this was a fee charged by the agent then as I said above that information has been around for a long time. Do not do it.

I am sorry if I appear sceptical,  but it is difficult to recommend a lawyer, etc. as being competent;    as unfortunately, if one's process goes with any problems coming to light then one might  believe they did a good job, but it might equally be that the bits they got wrong did not come to your knowledge.

Two years ago the rules on tax in Spain on UK Crown Pensions changed.  I have spoken to around 6 gestors/accountants, about how that should proceed and not one knew.  A couple recalled their clients, who had no idea errors had been made,  to change the declarations they had completed incorrectly. 

The one I used,  subsequently paid me 3,000€, which was the tax  I overpaid as a result of her not completing the tax declaration as advised. Had I not known she was wrong,    I would not have been compensated by her.

Incidentally that gestor has a very good reputation amongst non-Spanish in our area.

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I am sorry you thought a post that I made giving a link to the association discussed was considered inappropriate. It was to the offical website for gestors in Spain, a professional body.
In case you do not understand what a gestor is here is a very brief description from WIKI.
The Spanish language of the same page has a more in-depth description of who these persons are. One cannot really do much in life in Spain without one.

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