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Hello Forum Members,

I recently purchased a small 10 bedroom Boutique Hotel in Siem Reap and in the need of a Hotel Manager/Operations Manager.  I am looking for someone that is honest, motivated and dependable to oversee my business operations for me.  I have purchased this hotel as an investment and will not be managing the hotel personally due to I work and live in Saudi Arabia. 

The candidate preferred would be someone with experience in Hotel Management, possibly someone who would like to be the General Manager of small hotel and who have been in supporting roles as Operations Manager or Assistant Manager in previous Hotel career.  Familiar with payroll, basic accounting, supervision of day to day operations and employees, booking, some marketing and managing service vendors/maintenance crews.

This would be great opportunity for an individual such as college graduate with degree in Hotel Management with some experience or experience individual looking for a change and opportunity grow the hotel business and be rewarded for performance.

The hotel currently is in operation and some staff will remain as part of the crew with new management. If anyone is interested please contact me as I will be arriving in Siem Reap on December 20th. to finalize closing and interview interested candidates.  Selected candidate will need to be able to start immediately. 

My name is Colby, please contact if interested.

Hello Colby,

Do you have an e-mail where I can send my CV and cover letter?


Thom Santiago

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@ CRLouis > I invite you to post your job offer in the jobs in Cambodia section > Hotel category.


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Hello Colby

I’m available but need a bit more info re salary etc. message me here I’ll forward resume ,currently I’m in Australia. Wife is Khmer I lived there for a year.
Understand your problems.
Regards Blair

Hello Blair,

I'm am offering USD $1000 to $1500 a month plus 10-15 % commission on net profit after all operational expenses are paid.  Email: colby[at]


Dear sir,

I would like to offer some assistance in your endeavour to acquire a hotel manger for your recent purchase,  as a fellow businessman conducting business in Cambodia I strongly suggest you tread very very carefully in your appointing such, i very strongly suggest you spend extra funds on checking  the history of your appointment,  I as you suspect by my choice of words know an awful lot South east Asian business,  please choice wisely.

William Scott - Ryan
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Hi Colby, this may not be a long term solution but I am a hotel/restaurant ops manager from the UK. I am looking to take some time out before I take over site operations again for the summer season in Scotland! I am from the UK and would happily get things up and running for you! I have ten years hotel and hospitality experience in some fantastic hotels and restaurants in the UK and Australia! I can commit to the end of April and my experience and knowledge would no doubt be a fantastic benefit to a small hotel! I am also up to date with the latest social media marketing techniques. Have experience and good friends in I also have experience
With late rooms, agoda amongst others.

If you would like to consider this further I would love to speak with you. I am currently in koh Samui and due to return to England for Christmas on 3rd so if I were to be considered I would prefer to stay in the area to prevent a double long hall flight!

Would be available time end of November to end of April and I am sure my expertise would push guest satisfaction, occupancy levels and increase your GP %

Kind regards

Kirk Joshua Williams

Dear colby,

I am ready to move now and am a Cambodian with multi-national experienced over 20 yrs in hospitality, if interesting. please kindly give me an email to submit CV.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon


Kim Yong

Hi colby and hi everyone,

I would like to remind you that there is already a designated section for job offers and job searches.

For hotel manager position, this section is more appropriate : Job offers in hotel, catering, bar, restaurant and tourism in Cambodia.
I invite you to submit your respective ad for free.

Let's keep the forum for the sharing of information on expatriation please.
I am now closing this thread. :)

Thank you all,

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