Are you allowed to bring perfume into KSA ?
Hardly a frequent flyer, so if I'm allowed, can you tell me if I should buy at the airport in UK before I set off, Schiphol were I intend to change or at Al Khobar?
Many thanks for any advice.
It might seem a frivolous  question, but perfume has relaxing, mood lifting qualities.

Didn't realise there was already a thread on this.
If I buy in Saudi (assuming it is allowed) then I suppose  there is no tax on it so no benefit in buying at  at a duty free shop anywhere.

Many thanks. Had heard that perfume was expensive in the Middle East. Will buy bottle. Won't open and hope that it is OK to bring into the Country. After all who in their right mind would want to drink it. It's far too expensive and I've never heard of the most dedicated well off alcoholic drink perfume - the taste would be revolting.

Had heard that Listerine mouthwash was on the banned list.  Hope you can at least buy  Listerine Zero, which does not contain alcohol. Would far prefer Listerine Advanced Defence which, as they say, is designed not to cause staining.  Trying to drink that or the other alcohol containing Listerines would be nothing short of a miracle as it  is quite difficult to do the required 20 seconds swishing around your mouth as the stuff is so astringent.

Thank you.  Will only bring the small travel bottle now.

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