Dear You

Dear You,

Today I turned 37.

It’s an age that we’re taught to dread. 37 means the end of your youth. It means gray hair and carrying a keg around your midsection instead of a 6 pack. It means the end of fun and adventure. You are growing old wether you like it or not.

Who cares?

Here’s what I’ve found out growing through my 20’s. Gray hair can show up when you’re 18. The keg around your midsection can show up when you’re 25. Fun is still around every corner, it just doesn’t last until the wee hours of the morning ’cause bed time is at 11pm (on a very late night). Adventure doesn’t just mean risking your life doing some extreme sport or moving across the world to live by yourself just to work, surf, and meet new people from different cultures. And even though society tells us to have it all figured out by 30's so you can settle down into your nicely packaged life, it’s not going to happen.

I still have no idea what I’m doing and that’s the adventure.

I have had to deconstructing the image of who I was told I should be and embrace the reality and truth of who I am. My view and perspective of the world has changed so drastically in the last decade that all I see now are endless opportunities. With each passing decade, new things are learned and new perspectives gained. 37 is just one of those milestones. 40 will be another and an even greater adventure than the one I am about to embark on.

So this year I am not getting old. Rather I am stepping into the adventure that I was trying to find in my 20’s but am only able to fully appreciate now.

Here’s to 37.

Looks like you the only person in Kuwait who have turned 37. Bravo!!

I'm 51 and still young - at least I think so (an my wife even claims I never grew up!).
I know others who are 20 and already old.
It depends more on what goes on in your head than the number of years you saw. Calendars err all the time - me never!

When i actually look at my age i know something is wrong.  I could not possibly be that old :D
It is all about how you feel, how you take care of your self, and how you live.
I know a lot of folks half my age who are much "older"

Bob K

Huge Thank you, you made my day

Dear birthday wishers,

I must be getting older because yesterday i had a change of heart. I have always seen social media birthdays through a cynical lens, wondering how many people actually give a shit that its my birthday versus those who send wishes because facebook tells them to. What i realized yesterday is that i don't really care. There were messages from family and friends that i haven't seen or heard for awhile. There were those from people that I haven't seen since high school. There were even from those from people I have yet to meet face to face. Every single message (all 70 of them) meant something to me: encouraged me. Thank you all for taking time to drop me a quick birthday note: i appreciate it more than you will ever realize.

Thank you

You are indeed only as old as you feel. As the years advance I tend to do things I would never have dreamed of in earlier times.
The wisdom of age helps me along and I do some research before heading off into the wild blue yonder.

Birthdays have no meaning to me at all. I love waking up in the morning which means I am alive and can enjoy another day !!

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