Moving to ethiopia

Hello Everyone

I am just planning t move to Addis Ababa.
Can any body please update me that is it safe to bring and live with family in Ethiopia as i have heard and also read at many places that this place is not safe at all..
Also, few queries to ask;
1. what will be the expenses for good furnished apartments in good and secure/safe place.
2. what will be the monthly expenditures (food and all)
3. what will be the over all cost of living in Addis Ababa.

please update...


The issue is not safety. It is a very very safe place.

Rents are stupidly high. Frfesh food lovely an d cheap, anything imported is expensive.
Car prices are huge.
You will have huge problems getting money out of the country..if you save any.
I honestly wouldnt bother

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