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Can I ask you something. You know if the visa of company sponsor cancel the visa while Im out of country can I still enter bahrain?? Which my residence permit on passport still no cancelation stamp and which after cancel visa we still legal in bahrain for a month right to transfer another company. But when the sponsor cancel the visa I’m out of country. Please advice because maybe u guys know. Because when I check in LMRA portal my passport number doesn’t exist in the system. Thank you

sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation, though it is illegal to to do so, i am afraid you will not be able to enter the country, even if you try explain the same to immigration official i am afraid they may not consider. Try contacting LMRA/Ministry of Labor and explain them the situation

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Can i enter bahrain using Visit visa or any other options? Because    All my things still there

Yes you can apply for a visit visa, you can check your eligibility here: … &A0S=a


I don't think they can cancel the visa while you're out of the country??? If it's not need to be physically present here to cancel your visa, check again,

Hy @beirut and logical ...... What kind of visa that i need to take with this case??? The company suddenly cancel my visa and when I checked in LMRA website,
My CPR and PASSPORT doesnt exist in the system.
Can anybody give me advice. Im trying to use sponsor by my friend who has CR COMPANY IN BAHRAIN but i need gamca medical check up, which take too Long. And gamca in indonesia too much drama. Can anybody advice???? Can I use visit visa or business Visa which arranging with the hotel also???

Your boy friends company can sponsor/apply for a visit visa for you.


How if Im trying to use business visa which my BAHRAINI friend has CR and company. Just like business invitation which stay in hotel for how many days and etc.
or the other option ; visit visa just like eVisa ?
Thanks for reply 😊

It will depend, you will need to clarify it with the one who is applying the visa for you


But my Company replied already that I need new visa to enter bahrain like eVisa and etc.
and I’m trying to prepare apply eVisit VISA thru website direct which all the visa process now thru online right????
How long usually  it takes for eVisitVISA anyway?????
Anyone knows??? Thank you

Usually within 2-3 working days.

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