Please give advice how to live and work in Canada

Hi friends,

I am Aini, 30, female, now live in Japan as an Indonesian Interpreter. Japan is nice country but I want to move to Canada. My job`s contract will be over on January 2018, and because of this project will be also finished, I had to find a new job but  I feel recently it`s harder to make living here. I live with my husband and 2yo daughter but there`s circumstances so I am working for the living.
I speak Japanese and Indonesian fluently but for English,  I`m not doing TOEFL of TOEIC since graduating from university so I don`t know in which level I am now.
I live together with Japanese for like 10 years so I know the language and culture just like native (my subjective opinion tough ^^;)

I am wondering if I can find a job in Canada,,any job is fine to have a new life.
I did the simulation on immigration website but I didn`t eligible ><
I think that move to Canada will give better life for my daughter. (Does not mean I don`t like Indonesian or Japanese culture,, I just want my daughter have a wider point of view of life)

I will appreciate all of your advise and help.


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