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I was hoping someone has some advice for me.
Im from the Netherlands and my partner, who has a Burmese passport, are starting the naturalization procedure for him to come to Holland. Though for this he needs a document that proves his single status has he will come here as my unregistered partner. Does anyone know where he has to apply for this unmarried certificate? At the Dutch Immigration website it says that he has to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs but I don't really see any dress or email address to which I can ask for some info.

Any advice will be much appreciated!



Hi,I have taken the oath for unmarried certificate.It 's available Pazundaung Township Court.But I have done agent.It 's about 50000 kyat.You can contact Lakabar   ,01-372491.

On oath,Unmarried certificate is burmese language. You must translate (Notarial translation) to English.And then you will go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.If you  want to ask about it,you can contact me.My phone number is ***.But I cann’t speak English very well.

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Wow that's Avery helpful reply.
My partner is Thailand at the moment but will be going to Burma in a couple of weeks. He will contact you when he is in Hpa-An. Thank you so much 😊


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