Solo hiking : are local bird hunters an "issue"?

I like hiking in groups, and plan to join the Ramblers`Association.
But I sometimes like solo hiking. I`ve read that bird hunting is a tradition
on Malta. Do these hunters get irate when they see hikers, and make the hike
unpleasant, or even dangerous with guns being fired?

If so, are they out every day, or mainly on weekends; and
do they concentrate in some areas rather than others?

Any advice greatly appreciated.

I would say you are in no danger from hunters whilst out on any walks. I can only speak for gozo, but I have never come across any intimidation. Shooting and trapping goes on most days during the season. If walking around coastal paths I would advise not to take photos of the caged birds which are used as lures by the trappers  and to avoid the clamp nets which can be close to the pathways. It can all seem distasteful to many , but these are very traditional pursuits on the islands . The hunters and trappers themselves do not want any confrontation, and it’s very easy to avoid as long as you stay on the trails and paths. Don’t worry, it’s not the Wild West, it’s perfectly safe and you can enjoy many hours of peaceful hiking in wonderful surroundings especially on Gozo at this time of year as the island becomes greener.

Moocher -- thanks very much for the detailed response

You’re welcome Andy. If over on Gozo there are regular weekly hikes you can join in. A site named  ‘Gozone ‘ is particularly good for advertising these walks and will give full details.

I`ll definitely look it up, Moocher.
Much appreciated.

Like their dogs, the Maltese hunters like to bark and gesture, but they won't bite.
They know that they are more than screwed if they shoot next to people.

However, it's always a good advice to have a smartphone with you or anything else that can make recordings. Better safe than sorry  ;)

Thanks, Matm.
Nice idea with the cellphone!

Ask Chris Packham.  :top:

andy5m :

Thanks, Matm.
Nice idea with the cellphone!

If they see you with a mobile and think you are videoing them they may very well get adjitated and there is every chance the police will back them up, especially on Gozo!


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