Looking for squash partner!


I recently moved to Nairobi and would love to find some people to play a game of squash on a weekly basis!

Let me know if you’re keen to join!
/ Hanna

Hi hanna_trine,

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You may also post an advert under the Sport partners in Nairobi section of the website to help spread the word.

Good luck


hi  Hanna,would like to learn and play

Good morning,

I have a very basic used to play but not professional, and I went one time with some friends to Impela, any way if Sunday okay with you we can do that

HI Anna I'm interested.

Hello! If you still need a squash partner I'd be down to play. I played a little back in uni with my roommate and am pretty beginner but I'm itching to get back into a sport consistently. So let me know!



I am new in Nairobi, just saw your post. Are you still looking for a squash partner? If yes then would be interested to join on weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

Also, can you suggest places where I can go and play Squash by paying daily/hourly fees (as club membership are way too steep).


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