Food Allergies

Hello all.  We are considering a move to New Dehli.  Our daughter (elementary aged) is allergic to 4 tree nuts (walnut, pecan, hazelnut and cashew).  Does anyone have any experience in managing this type of issue in New Dehli/India? 

If so, I'm wondering about:
-Is it easy to find a competent allergist?
-Are the international schools supportive of kids with food allergies?
-I've read that cashews are very common in Indian cuisine.  Is it easy to ask about ingredients in food in non-Indian restaurants in New Dehli?

Any guidance would be appreciated!  Thank you.

I am in a similar situation. I have a 1 year old with peanut allergies. I know food labelling in India is not reliable at all. Has anyone been able to identify some global food brands where the labelling is more accurate? what snack options are possible?


PS: moving to Gurugram in March 2018


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